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About Us

With roots in the snack industry going back to the 1950s, Star Snacks, Co. LLC offers high quality snack nut products at attractive price points for retailers and for those seeking private label products. All our quality products are available in the United States and abroad including Canada, the Caribbean, South American, the Middle East and Asia.

From our large state-of-the-art, processing and packaging facility, we are your one source solution for quality branded, private label and custom packed nuts and dried fruit. We also produce our own high quality product lines which include Star Snacks & Imperial brands and our premium brand Platinum Nuts.

Star Snacks began importing and packaging nuts for the retail and wholesale markets in 1992. We are a family owned business that has grown annual sales volume by offering high quality products at an attractive price point. The company is one of the fastest growing manufacturers and is emerging as a market leader in the nut and dried fruit industry.

As a direct source importer and internationally distributed brand, we pride ourselves on high standards. We are pleased to be a SQF 2000 Level 2 certified supplier. This rating from the Global Food Safety Initiative demonstrates our commitment to quality.

Our manufacturing facility located in New Jersey can easily manage large volume and high capacity production. This allows us to produce our products with high speed and efficiency. The majority of our products are manufactured in United States.

Our New Jersey location, in close proximity to major highways, distribution centers and ports, gives us easy access to imported raw materials and allows us to seamlessly distribute product nationally and abroad.

Customer Commitment
Star Snacks is a client driven organization, offering our retail partners quality snack products at an attractive price point, thereby providing our partners with the ability to achieve excellent margins. We regularly monitor commodity prices and purchase in volume to reduce client exposure to volatile price fluctuations.

The multibillion dollar snack industry is highly competitive. By recognizing industry trends, we are able to introduce new and customized products such as trail mixes and dried fruit assortments. We are committed to providing our new and long standing customers with the quality products they have come to expect.